Low Cost Criminal Defense & Traffic Tickets

I am an ex-public defender which means that I know all the possible defenses to crimes and I know how to defend them.  As a private lawyer, I can give your case more attention.  I will work with you to make my representation affordable.  I know times are still tough for most people, especially if you are in an area where the economy has not caught up yet.

For Traffic Tickets:  I charge $500.00 to appear at both the arraignment and trial.

For Misdemeanor charges: I charge $500.00 to attend either your arraignment or pre-trial hearing and will work to resolve the case quickly.  If your case needs further discovery motions and/or further investigation, I will charge an additional $500.00 to prepare the motion and an additional $400.00 to attend the hearing and argue the motion.  If you then decide to go to trial, I would charge an additional $1,000.00.

For Felony charges: I charge $2,500.00 for most felonies.  This fee includes preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions such as motions to suppress evidence, and further investigation but does not include the cost of experts reviewing the evidence pre-trial and for trial and this cost does not include the cost of going to trial.

Usually criminal defense attorneys will charge you one fee even if they settle the case at the arraignment or pre-trial hearing.  I am willing to break down the costs of defending you in a criminal case so that it is more affordable and understandable.  Additionally, I can give you all of your options, whether that means setting the matter for trial in the hope of getting a better plea deal on the day of trial or actually going to trial.  Or whether there are defenses available and facts to support filing a motion to suppress evidence, suppress a confession, etc.