Limited Scope of Representation

What is Limited Scope of Representation?

  1. It is when an attorney appears at your court hearing on one issue and may appear at the next court hearing on the same issue if requested, or
  2. It can also include work outside of court on one issue, for example child support, so that the matter does not need to proceed to a court hearing and if necessary appear at a hearing to enforce settlement or argue the matter before the court.

Issues involving Limited Scope of Representation include:

  • Child Custody issues that do not include the need for expert witnesses or trial;
  • Los Angeles County Child Support Court Cases;
  • Guideline Spousal or Child Support petitions;
  • Requests for visitation and paternity petitions; and
  • Guardianship and Adoption petitions or contracts (not in dependency court.)

So if you were served with a Summons and a Request for Order for a hearing in Family Court, and you don’t want to spend $5000.00 to $10,000.00 on a retainer for an attorney specializing in family law, one alternative is to have an attorney assist you in filing the necessary response or petition paperwork and then having them appear at your court hearing  but not stay on the case for any other issues like sale of residence, business or any financial settlements.

Call my office if you want an attorney to appear at your hearing for Limited Scope of Representation.