Karen Green-Rose

Karen Green-Rose has 18 years of experience practicing law and is now focusing on appearing for other attorneys when they cannot be in two courthouses or depositions at once.

Karen Green-Rose is also accepting Limited Scope of Representation cases in Family Law.  My specialty is Criminal law, Family Law, Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency and Adoption law.  My office also defends those served with Temporary Restraining Orders and assists victims in filing the Temporary and Permanent RO.

As a criminal Public Defender in Riverside and Orange Counties, Karen Rose has conducted numerous jury trials and probation violation hearings. She was appointed to the Indigent Criminal Defense Panel in Los Angeles where she worked on countless felony and misdemeanor cases including robbery, grand theft, drug charges, DUI cases involving accidents and many more.  Karen Rose also defended juveniles in delinquency court.

Karen Green-Rose has experience in Juvenile Dependency Court having worked for Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers in Children’s Court in Monterey Park. She participated in over 60 trials on all issues affecting a dependency case. She represented parents, foster parents, legal guardians and de facto parents accused of abuse or neglect of children in their custody. She represented young mothers and fathers whose parental rights were in jeopardy due to alcohol or drug use.

Karen Green-Rose also has extensive experience in workers’ compensation law due to her working as a claims examiner before law school and working for a few years as a defense insurance lawyer.  She has both defended and taken applicant depositions and made numerous appearances before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Karen Green-Rose graduated from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, CA in 1997.  She is a member of Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, and an organization called TEN Esquire Network and used to moderate TEN Network’s Women of Santa Monica.